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Government fails to protect drinking water & national parks from fracking, says Friends of the Earth



The Government has today published a consultation which outlines proposals to allow fracking under national parks, AONBs, Sites of Scientific Interest and other protected areas, but rule out fracking from the surface in these areas.

The Government has also confirmed that they will prevent fracking directly through drinking water aquifers, but allow fracking in the protected areas that surround and eventually feed water into these aquifers. This means that although the Government has recognised the risks that fracking can pose to water, it has failed adequately to protect our drinking water sources from the risks.

Reacting to the proposals, Friends of the Earth energy campaigner Rose Dickinson said: “The Government has completely fudged plans to protect our drinking water aquifers and national parks.

“While ruling out the frankly ludicrous idea of fracking straight through drinking water aquifers, Government plans will still allow fracking in protected areas that surround and feed these aquifers with water.

“The public has made it clear that they don’t want fracking to take place in national parks and wildlife sites – allowing it directly beneath these areas will further undermine public confidence in the Government on this issue.

“It is time for the Government to follow in the footsteps of Scotland and Wales by halting all plans for fracking – which is completely incompatible with tackling climate change.”