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Help keep Blue & Green Tomorrow free: switch to Good Energy



Continuing our series of things you can do to help keep Blue & Green Tomorrow free and take us to the next phase in our development, here’s something you can do whilst actually helping the planet as well.

Consider switching to Good Energy – the UK’s leading 100% renewable energy supplier. You won’t be alone: Good Energy revealed in 2013 that its customer base had increased by 32%, with its electricity customers growing 25% to 40,000 and gas up 76% to 15,000.

There are compelling financial reasons to switch, as well being more sustainable. In a recent Question Time debate, a Good Energy customer and audience member on the BBC’s flagship political debate programme replied to a question during the energy price hike debate by saying, “My bills have never been cheaper.”

Meanwhile Blue & Green Tomorrow reader Ian McDonald said, “I already switched to Good Energy. Their services are excellent; I know I am not supporting any nuclear or carbon-producing electricity generators, and their customer service is excellent.

I also have 14 solar panels, and the feed-in tariffs (FiT) payments I receive for the power provided to the grid almost cover my annual gas and electricity bills in full.

Good Energy pays us £50 for every person who switches. If just 1% of our readership switched quoting “Blue & Green Tomorrow”, we’d be fully funded for three months.

If you want to make the switch and become a customer of the 100% clean energy provider, email us at and we will help you get the process started. And we’d love to hear your switching story so we can tell other readers about your journey.

Your help means we can encourage even more people to live, spend and invest sustainably.

Four ways you can help to keep Blue & Green Tomorrow free:

Register for Sustainable September – our flagship month-long exploration of sustainability.

Make the switch to 100% renewable energy provider Good Energy.

Book a holiday rental property through cottages4you to help fund our intern and researchers programme.

Donate to fund our graduate trainee programme and spread the word about sustainable investment and living.