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4 Proven Hacks to Lower the Carbon Footprint of Your Commute

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The planet is under a huge threat. With the fires in Australia, the recent floods in Indonesia and the weather going out of control everywhere. This means it’s time to start changing things.

Back in 2014, we cited a UN study showing that 13 of the 14 warmest years took place in the 21st Century. It is only the beginning, too. Global warming effects are getting worse and people need to start acting immediately. You can start with the smallest changes possible and you will make a huge difference.

For instance, you can try green commuting tips to make things easier. This is a particularly important change, because experts have found that transportation accounts for roughly 20% of all carbon emissions and 24% of carbon emissions from energy. Here’s what you need to know.

Choose Flexible Working Hours

You probably assume that your carbon footprint from driving is entirely determined by the number of miles that you drive. However, that is only one factor. The amount of time that you spend in traffic also contributes to climate change. Keep in mind that your car will keep producing exhaust while you are sitting idly in traffic, even if it is coming out at a slower rate than it would when your car is driving at highway speeds.

Numerous workplaces globally offer flexible working hours for their staff, take a look at Nes Fircroft. As such, you can choose when to work as long as you get your work done. If this is available to you and you want to become more eco-friendly, it’s a great option.

It’s easy enough to skip rush hour traffic and go to work before or after the traffic. Eventually, you will be reducing the co2 emissions from your journey. If your workplace is looking for ideas to improve their green commute program, you should suggest flexible working hours.

Working 4 Days A Week Instead Of 5

Rather than working 5 days a week, some workplaces allow you to work 4 days a week. It could either be a full day off or choose to work from home. By doing this, you should avoid travelling to and from the office one day every week. Eventually, you will reduce your overall carbon footprint. As the weeks go by, it will make a huge difference.

Alternative Transport

Instead of using your car for your daily commute, you can choose an eco-friendly mode of transport. It’s a great idea for a green commute. For instance, you can choose public transport to reduce your carbon footprint effortlessly. Even better, you can take a long walk, especially on sunny days. Numerous other workplaces also offer green commute initiatives or cycle to work options. As such, you should be able to get money to buy a new e-bike as long as you use it to get to work. You can enjoy the scenery on your way to work or things that you often miss as you are stuck in a long traffic jam on your way to work or after leaving work.

Switch Taxis

If these options are not available to you, try choosing a green taxi to enjoy a green and eco-friendly way of getting to work. It comes in handy regardless of your distance and the overall working hours. Choose cars with a range of low or zero emission and carbon negative ratings. You can get to work on time, guilt free and comfortably. Contact our team today and find out how you can use our green taxis for your green commute program. We are here to help.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint by Changing the Way that You Drive

There are a lot of ways that you can be eco-friendly while driving to work. We encourage you to follow the tips listed above.


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