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#COP21: Clarity On Finance Is Top Job For Negotiators Before Ministers Arrive



With less than 24 hours until the closing of the ADP section (a mercifully short version of ‘The Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action’) of negotiations at the Paris climate summit, Christian Aid has warned negotiators must resolve the financial sticking point before ministers arrive on Monday.

Christian Aid’s Senior Climate Change Advisor, Mohamed Adow, said: “Right now the text is unworkable as it doesn’t include a clear commitment to provide finance to help vulnerable countries adapt to climate change. The uncertainty around that is eroding trust which will be needed when Ministers take over the negotiations on Monday.

“Rich and poor countries want to get a deal done. They are like teenagers at a school prom. They have been flirting with each other but we need developed countries to step forward and make the first move.

“The sooner we get finance on the table the more time we will have to craft a ratchet mechanism and work on language around decarbonisation.

“It is essential that in these final hours before Saturday’s deadline to deliver a new text that ministers can work with, delegates need to provide a clear way forward.