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Greenpeace Urge Supermarkets to Ditch Dirty Tuna



Thousands of people have been emailing supermarket chain Sainsbury’s urging them to take John West tuna off their shelves. The call comes after John West was exposed to be catching its tuna using destructive fishing methods which harm other marine life.

43,000 people have already emailed Sainsbury’s supermarkets Managing Director, Mike Coupe, urging him to follow in the footsteps of Sainsbury’s closest competitors. In the last two weeks Waitrose and Tesco announced they will stop selling John West tuna if the company doesn’t clean up its act.

John West have broken their commitment to clean up their supply chain. Their tuna is caught using large nets associated with Fish Aggregating Devices, a method that causes indiscriminate harm to marine life, and notably to endangered species such as sharks and turtles.

Sainsbury’s has been ranked in the top three of Greenpeace’s league tables for the past five years and they, along with the public’s support, are writing to ask that Sainsbury’s take responsibility for the sustainability of all tuna tins on their shelves.

Join the campaign and send a letter to Sainsbury’s here.


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