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Plan And Laws Needed From Government To Protect British Wildlife



Catherine Weller, senior lawyer with environmental lawyers at ClientEarth has reacted to the worrying State of Nature report, which discovered one in ten species are threatened with extinction.

She said: “The State of Nature report shows the stark reality when it comes to British wildlife. Many species are in decline and others face serious risks. What it highlights is that the Government’s 25 year plan – which we’re told we will finally see soon – must go beyond ‘business as usual’.

“It also makes it abundantly clear, in these uncertain political times, that we need to retain the nature laws that we already have, at the very least, and then preferably look at how to make our laws stronger in order to protect the environment around us.

“It is absolutely crucial that the government’s plan is not toothless and actually forces action – we cannot afford to wait until more species are lost.”bird