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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 25 March headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Carbon price should increase up to 200% to avoid tipping point, says study

Survey: global electricity system could be 70% renewable by 2050


25 March headlines

Lord Smith ‘hugely sceptical’ of fracking for shale oil in the UK

The former chief of the Environment Agency is “hugely sceptical” on the prospects of fracking for shale-oil in the UK. Guardian.

US coal fall-off seen as foreshadowing fossil fuel pain

The US coal industry ill probably never get the price rebound it struggling miners need as clean energy proliferates. This should serve as a warning for other fossil fuel producers, warns a study. Bloomberg.

BHP boss says carbon capture could be a goldmine

The carbon capture industry has the potential to be as big as the oil and gas sector, the boss of the world’s largest mining company has claimed. The Times.

Hopes grow for climate-proof beans

A breakthrough in the development of temperature-resilient beans could help sustain a vital source of protein for millions of people around the globe. BBC.


Interesting picks

MPs pension fund should not be divested from fossil fuels, says Liz Truss – Guardian

Five reasons China should care about climate change – Bloomberg

Is there any future for fracking in Britain? – Telegraph

Life in the Philippines: preparing for the next typhoon Haiyan – Guardian

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