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Environmentalist of the week: Sir David Attenborough



Naturalist, prolific broadcaster, environmental icon and owner of one of television’s most recognisable voices, Sir David Attenborough is a man of many talents.

In a lifetime dedicated to studying and educating others about the wonders of the natural world, Attenborough has instilled a respect for the environment in viewers across the generations. He is often cited as an inspiration by the most influential of environmental campaigners.

His permanence is perhaps best illustrated by his unique achievement of holding BAFTA titles for programmes in black and white, colour, HD, and 3D technology.

Some of his best-known works, such as The Living Planet, Life and The Blue Planet are still hugely popular today.

At 88, Attenborough has remained a fervent supporter of environmental causes and in recent years has increasingly warned of humankind’s damaging impact on the planet.

This week, ahead of the Conference for Nature in London, Attenborough said our treatment of the environment “threatens us all”.

In an interview with the TelegraphAttenborough said, “From the food we eat to the popular bedtime stories we read to our children, nature touches everyone’s lives more deeply than we can possibly imagine.

“The escalating erosion of wildlife from our planet is a direct threat to many facets of our own quality of life.

“Because of the complex relationship society has with nature, it is obvious that our response to saving it must extend from every possible quarter too,” he added.

“From you and I in our own domains, from business magnates to politicians, and from farmers to faith leaders, everyone has an opportunity to save nature.”

Photo: JrScientist via Flickr

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