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Guide to Corporate Climate Lobbying for COP21



UK non-profit group InfluenceMap has conducted a detailed and systematic analysis of corporate influence over climate policy globally and has prepared a briefing, containing key facts, findings and some brand new statistics we have drawn from our database of over 20,000 evidence pieces on the subject.

The guide and associated spreadsheet of information can be found here. This release is designed as a resource to allow easy access to InfluenceMap’s data, analysis and metrics.

New statistics, released today, and based on InfluenceMap’s study of the 100 leading industrial companies in the world, illustrate the state of corporate attitudes towards climate policy. They can be found below:

Climate policy support by the top 100 industrial corporations, 2015*

– 51% clearly calling for the decarbonization of the energy mix

– 61% actively and explicitly supporting a strong outcome at COP21

– 53% actively advocating for emissions reductions in line with IPCC recommendations

– 31% are actively and specifically calling for legislation that puts a price on carbon (carbon taxation/emissions trading legislation)

– 66% are fully, explicitly and publicly aligned with the IPCC position on climate change science have made ambiguous statements recently on climate science

– with only 3% now appearing to be in denial of the IPCC findings,


– 95% of corporations still belong to trade associations that are obstructing climate legislation

Read the full report here.



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