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Kratom Truths For Passionate Environmentalists In 2020

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Environmentalists have to consider a number of factors when they purchase new products. This must go beyond choosing the most energy efficient sources. One of the newest factors influencing the health industry is kratom, which has a surprising environmental footprint.

A lot of environmentalists are turning to kratom, because it is good for the planet. Why does it have a positive environmental impact?

The biggest reason is that it is derived from a rainforest plant. This discourages the destruction of the rainforest, which is important for stopping global warming.

However, there are other factors that eco-conscious consumers must consider.

Kratom Factors that Eco-Conscious Consumers Can’t Ignore

We should all look for eco-friendly products when making a purchase, such as kratom. However, there are other things that we need to look at when making a purchase.

Kratom, to this date, is faced with controversies that arise from its use and effectiveness. The natural herb has instigated concerns about whether it is safe or not, whether addictive, harmful or not. Because of kratom, there have been heated debates, different opinions, and user experiences regarding its effects and medicinal benefits. On the internet, you discover that its history is not fully unfolded, and many questions are left unanswered.

There are some clear environmental benefits, as we stated above. Analytics shows this is one of the plants that is helping with the environment. However, there are other factors that can’t be ignored.

To some extent, kratom is a puzzle yet to be researched on to great depths by scientists. Most kratom-related issues are unclear- varying information from person to person. But that does not mean everything about kratom is fictitious. You need to consider both the health and environmental issues surrounding this plant.

Meanwhile, we look at the facts you need to know about kratom. We reveal the truth, nothing but the truth. Get enlightened with self-explanatory factual details. You have to consider other environmentally friendly issues if you aren’t satisfied with them.

1.      Kratom’s legality 

The status of kratom’s legality still is a variable worldwide. Not all countries formalized kratom to be a legal substance. And in those countries made illegal, reasons are barely because it is harmful, but the alarming rise in the number of addiction cases forced the respective governments to eliminate its use within the countries’ boundaries. Kratom is a better alternative for over-the-counter analgesics, with more proven therapeutic benefits. There is no medical research that fully credits kratom to be toxic.

It is very vital to be aware of the specific countries in which kratom is deemed illegal. Easier it is to master at your fingertips, they are fewer than the vice versa. As a kratom enthusiast, your love for adventure and trips from your country to another cannot be halted or made your worst experience because of ignorance on kratom’s legality. It is way safer to evade hefty accruing charges by being familiar with the kratom laws and regulations in your country of the visit prior to thoughts of carrying kratom along with you.

The following countries disallow the use of kratom: Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Denmark, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Singapore, and Myanmar. Wondering where the US lies in terms of the legal status of kratom? In the US, neither is kratom entirely legal or illegal. In fact, it is somewhat difficult to comprehend why the whole nation cannot stand on the same page though most states permit the use of kratom.

In most African nations, surprisingly, a large percentage of the population knows nothing about this natural herb, and therefore, little information is known about kratom’s legal status in this continent. Countries like the UK, Ireland, and Italy, have kratom laws which vary from city to city.

2.      Kratom can be addictive.

User experiences narrate about kratom is the best pain reliever, enhance focus, treat chronic ailments such as arthritis and a perfect boost for sex libido. While some persons claim it aids them withdraw from their addiction for opiates, no conclusive clinical tests prove the said reports.

Because of these benefits, kratom users grow fond and fonder of the natural herb. As a result, the body may build tolerance, and to create the effectiveness of the drug, the dose is increased bit by bit—eventually addiction crops into reality. A day cannot pass without a puff of the kratom or a sip of kratom tea.

Kratom, like any other drug, is addictive when frequently used. However, nowhere Is it stated the limit of dose which, when exceeded, becomes kratom abuse. It is upon you to evaluate that dose that works for you without being in excess and embrace using it only when you genuinely need it. You do not want to be in a position where you cannot survive without it. What if kratom goes into extinction, will you live as usual? Will you be able to retain normalcy? Kratom is more addictive than coffee as much as they both belong to the same botanical family.

3.      Is kratom an opiate?

First and foremost, kratom is not an opiate and should not be categorized as an opiate. Kratom only owns a similarity to opiates in the sense that it behaves like an opiate in very high doses. At high doses, kratom is very sedating and tends to slow down the working of the brain, and so, it induces sleep- the same occurs with opiates. Therefore, kratom has opiate-like effects but at high doses.

Another relation between opiates and kratom is seen from user experiences, specifically persons with opiate addiction. They claim kratom to be the most suitable preference for withdrawal from over-dependence on opiates, but that is not 100% approved by any scientific medical researches.

4.      kratom use is fatal

According to a CDC report, nearly 100 fatalities between 2016 and 2017 were kratom-related. A study was conducted on more than 27,000 drug overdoses and analyses done to ascertain which specific drugs cause these deaths.

As much as kratom was found present in these dead bodies, there were other drugs too. So, we cannot insinuate that kratom kills. Though we all know that anything used excessively, in overdoses, is poisonous and very harmful.

Eco-Conscious Consumers Must Consider Various Factors About Kratom

When you are focused on green living, there are a lot of variables to consider. Kratom is one of the plants that is good for the environment. However, you need to do your research and learn about other issues as well before committing to using it.

Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia

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