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Leetchi’s Online Money Pot Helps Put the Fun into Environmental Fundraising



Over the past few years one topic has dominated the world of fundraising and awareness: The environment. What was once the preserve of a small band of activists has seeped into the public conscious, and that means far more opportunities for charities and environmental groups to collect donations on behalf of good causes.

Of course, the logistics of collecting donations across the country aren’t exactly easy, even in a world where people can sign petitions online or ‘Like’ a Facebook campaign. But in today’s busy world, it’s all too easy to pledge money for a good cause you care deeply about, then forget all about that donation by the time payment rolls around. And that includes environmental causes and charitable causes.

Research has shown that a full 27% of millennials (those aged between 18 and 34) prefer to donate to causes centred around wildlife preservation and animals. That’s a vast section of the demographic preoccupied with environmental concerns, and showing a willingness to donate to such causes; however, finding the right platform for them to donate is another battle entirely.

These days, many millennials are sceptical about charities, even environmental ones – around half of those surveyed dislike the idea of directly donating to a charitable organisation, with many of them fearing that the cause itself will receive little of the money. Instead, their preference is for donating money via crowd-funding platforms.

Enter, an online money pot platform. With an emphasis on convenience, this opens a great new channel for groups to collect money as easily as possible, and the service works well with millennials’ desire to avoid donating directly to charities.

Speaking of the opportunities that Leetchi presents to environmental groups – particularly those reaching out the environmentally conscious millennials, the site’s founder and CEO Céline Lazorthes stated that: “Today we have the ability to donate to specific causes in a matter of minutes from our phones… People are relying on donation-based crowdfunding to help fulfil fundraising targets and remove charities from the equation all together. Millennials are an extremely generous generation, however, they are also very money-savvy and aware that direct donations to individuals are the best way to ensure their money is being donated to the cause that they want it to.”

Leetchi are certainly excited about the possibilities that their service can provide to those seeking environmental and sustainable crowd-funded plans. A simple, secure money pot can be set up by anyone in under a minute, and unlike existing services, it’s totally free to do so (an absolute boon for those seeking donations without the worry of spending out in the first place). Elsewhere, other fees, too, are kept to an absolute minimum, so those seeking donations can focus on what really matters to them: Financing their environmental projects.



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