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Looking back at… Electric cars



Last year we took a look the growing electric car market and compiled a varied list, in terms of price and performance, of the top ten commercially available electric cars.

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1. BMW i3 – The BMW i3 is a favourite amongst car reviewing sites, and for good reason. The BMW offers a 168bhp electric motor under the boot floor, combined with a lithium-ion battery pack. Read more.

2. Tesla S Model – Tesla’s s range is by far the most supreme in the electric car range. Creating a storm in the industry, Tesla are industry leaders with a view to maintain that prestigious position. Read more.

3. Fiat 500 E – The Fiat 500 E is visually identical to its petrol fuelled predecessor, with the primary changes only coming on the inside and of the course, the engine. Read more.

4. Nissan Leaf – The Nissan Leaf has enjoyed a level of dominance in the UK electric car market as it was the first to go on sale in 2010 – for a relatively cheap price. Read more.

5. Volkswagen E-Up! – Another competitor for the urban market, Volkswagen is offering this slightly cheaper but excellent model with the view to invade the industry and stay. Read more.

6. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive – The converted family friendly Mercedes B-class is a fantastic electric car option. Read more.

7. Renault Zoe – The fourth edition to Renault’s electric fleet, a great level of work has gone into this model to make it a very decent buying option. Read more.

8. Mitsubishi iMiEV – This tiny Mitsubishi is a great alternative to the already quite small models available. Super cheap to run and even smaller than a Nissan Leaf, narrow streets are this supermini model’s forte. Read more.

9. Smart FourTwo Electric – The iconic smart car was always meant to go electric, its already cheap running costs a real incentive for its purchasers. Read more.

10.  Chevrolet Volt – The Volt is a workhorse specifically designed to keep on going. With a range of 300 miles, competing with the Tesler S models, the Volt is a family 5-door car packed with features. Read more.

Photo: M 93 via Flickr


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