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Sainsburys say no to animal testing



Animal Testing has been a concern to many investors for a long time, but at the point of sale in the shops this level of detail is largely ignored by the consumer.

It remains very difficult to find products which state they don’t test on animals with the result that the only option for many has been to pay premium prices at the Body Shop. This may be set to change for the ordinary shopper. Hygiene does not have to come at the cost of cruelty thanks to This organisation has been making great strides in getting their ‘leaping bunny’ logo onto products to give consumers an informed choice.

On 4th April 2011 Sainsbury’s were awarded BUAV’s leaping Bunny logo. You can now know that all of Sainsbury’s own brand sun care, skin care, hair care, baby and bath ranges have been certified free of animal testing. They have followed the Cooperative, Marks and Spencers, Superdrug and Argos. So when you are picking up your deodorant you no longer need to go solely to Body shop. What a great step forward!

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