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Tour operator of the week: Martin Randall Travel



Martin Randall launched his eponymous travel company in 1988. The company specialises in high-brow cultural tours in far-flung places.

From archaeology to ballet, history to music; the company covers all bases. In January 2010, the Daily Telegraph described the company as “the leader in the field of expert-led cultural tours”. Also offering tours on art, architecture, literature and gastronomy, they operate in 43 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, America and South Asia.

The company hires knowledgeable individuals to offer expert guidance, from academics to writers, curators, broadcasters and researchers.

They have also been awarded a four-star rating by the Associations of Independent Travel Operators (AITO) for responsible tourism, and support the Beyond Carbon initiative which funds projects that help to cut the impact of carbon emissions across the tourism sector.