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Good Money Week: what is it?



Everyone can ‘make money and make a difference’. Good Money Week is the campaign to raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance to help people make ‘good money’ choices. Good Money Week 2015 will take place from 18- 24 October.

What do you mean ‘Good Money’?

‘Ethical investment’; ‘socially responsible investment’; ‘sustainable finance’; ‘ethical banking’… may have heard all of these terms before and we are talking about all these things when we say ‘Good Money’. Whatever you want to call it, we mean thinking about the social and/or environmental impact of your money (e.g. your bank account, investments, ISA, and/or pension fund).

Who is Good Money Week for?

Good money week is for everyone! But to make finding things relevant to you or your organisation a bit easier we have tailored some information and activities for the following groups:

Who is involved in Good Money Week?

Good Money Week is co-ordinated by the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF). It brings together Advisers, Charities and Trusts, Financial Organisations, Faith Groups, NGOs and Community Groups. This year partner and sponsor organisations include Abundance Generation, Alliance Trust InvestmentsEdenTree Investment Management, Old Mutual WealthStandard Life Investments and Triodos Bank.

What will happen during Good Money Week?

There will be several events each day organised by participating organisations, including conferences, debates and meetings. Visit What’s On for more details. UKSIF will be co-ordinating a range of activities including an event for financial advisers in Bristol, infographics for charities and churches and some interesting social media campaigns. UKSIF will also be holding a dynamic, interactive event called ‘Good Money Talks’ for UKSIF members and wider stakeholders including media representatives, charities and foundations, NGO stakeholders. UKSIF will be promoting discussion around Good Money Week and sustainable finance through various media channels.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to participate in Good Money Week. We have made some suggestions below but we also welcome your ideas.

  • Have a conversation! Email or write to your MP and ask them to support Good Money Week
  • Meet up! Attend a Good Money Week event or organise your own
  • Learn more! Swot up on the issues and find ‘good money’ options for your finances
  • Spread the word! Tell friends, family, your community group, customers, the media and anyone else about Good Money Week using our special toolkit

How can I tell more people about Good Money Week? We are pleased to have as many NGOs, charities and trusts, faith and community groups, financial services professionals or organisations as possible involved.

Use the Good Money Week toolkit and media pack to spread the word. All financial services professionals or organisations must be in good standing with their regulator.

In addition, we ask that:

  • Financial advisers must be able to give informed advice on green and ethical investments.
  • Banks, Investment Managers and Product Providers must be UKSIF members.

Other financial services organisations should discuss their eligibility with the Good Money Week team. We ask that all organisations participating in Good Money Week and using Good Money Week materials adhere to the appropriate Conditions of Participation.

What is the difference between Good Money Week and National Ethical Investment Week?

National Ethical Investment Week has been renamed Good Money Week to reflect the broad range and scope of sustainable and responsible finance. It’s a campaign and community for everyone, not just those who have large amounts of money to invest!

Who is UKSIF?

UKSIF are the co-ordinators of Good Money Week. UKSIF is the membership association for sustainable and responsible financial services. We promote responsible investment and other forms of finance that support sustainable economic development, enhance quality of life and safeguard the environment. For more information visit the UKSIF website.

Where can I go for more information on sustainable, responsible and ethical investment and finance?

See Good Money Week’s Resources pages for useful guides and links to other organisations.