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Articles you may have missed: January 18-24



These are the articles that have attracted the most interest on our site in the past week, and we’re republishing the links here to ensure you don’t miss out.

At the beginning of this week, a NASA-backed study said that degradation of area twice the size of California in the Amazon rainforest could be because of climate change. This worrying story was Blue & Green Tomorrow’s most-read article in the past seven days.

On Wednesday, some of the UK’s leading charities and a collection of the world’s most recognisable faces lent their backing to a new campaign called Enough Food for Everyone IF that aims to alleviate poverty worldwide by forcing strong governmental action. It was officially launched at Somerset House, London, later that day.

Continuing our conversations with ethical investors, Julie King explained to us this time last week that it was her motivation to help fund innovative companies that led her to ethical investment.

A report by insurance behemoth Swiss Re highlighted the important role insurers must play in tackling climate change and developing renewable energy. It said a global shift towards cleaner sources of power will “provide new growth opportunities” for the industry, before adding that the need for insurance cover will increase during this transition.

The Telegraph published a crowdfunded full-page advert from Greenpeace earlier this week that attacked oil giant Shell over its exploration activities in the Arctic.

The mainstream financial services sector is suffering from a lack of new talent, according to a major survey of the industry. But we outlined how for budding bankers, there remains plenty of sustainable solutions.

As he embarked on a second term as US president, Barack Obama said that a global failure to respond to climate change would mean “[betraying] our children and future generationsin his inauguration speech in Washington.

On Tuesday, the UK’s only 100% renewable energy supplier Good Energy was revealed to have topped the Which? Switch satisfaction survey for the third time in for years – with 85% of its customers currently happy with its service.

On the same day, it was 29 years since an advertisement was shown on US television to mark the imminent release of the Apple Macintosh computer – the first chapter in Apple’s meteoric rise to the forefront of global technology. To honour this anniversary, we took a look at our environmental coverage of the company.

We continued our profiling of responsible investment bodies this week; focusing this time on the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.

Finally, our founder Simon Leadbetter wrote yesterday about why he would be investing his children’s junior ISA sustainably.


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