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Battersea Campaign Group Challenges Mayoral Candidates



“Confirm that you will protect our green spaces against the sort of commercial exploitation that has allowed a motor race into Battersea Park, closing it to the public for over three weeks”.

Susan Lofthouse, BPAG secretary, said: “So far the candidates have chosen to sit on the fence as regards the exploitation of Battersea Park by Formula E. They will have to do better than that if they want our votes. It is time to put their much vaunted green credentials to the test.

“The 600 plus  letters and comments from individuals and organisations represent thousands of Londoners.  They need to remember that.

“We will only take them seriously when they come out publicly and say what they think about the exploitation of the Park, and what they intend to do about it, should they be elected.  We are only interested in firm promises, not vague nods to the Green Lobby.”