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EU Made Easy – Leaflet Sent to UK Voters



From today a European Union (EU) Referendum leaflet will be posted out to every household in the UK. The leaflet, from the Electoral Commission, has been written after a poll highlighted many people don’t know basic information about the EU. The Electoral Reform Society have welcomed the news.

Results from a ComRes poll showed that 61 per cent of people believe most UK laws have to be approved by the European Parliament, while 73 per cent do not know how many countries there are in the EU.

The Electoral Commission leaflet also comes as the Electoral Reform Society and leading British universities launch a new online tool in the next week called ‘Better Referendum’. The tool, which has full debate and contributions from the different sides of the argument, allows people to organise EU debates in their local area in the run up to the June 23 vote.

Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society, said: “This impartial EU referendum leaflet from the Electoral Commission is a welcome contribution to improving people’s understanding of the EU referendum. So many people haven’t heard about the real issues or the facts of this vote because the debate has so far been dominated by personality politics and internal party spats. The public need information on both sides, rather than Westminster parlour games.

“More than just leaflets though, we need a really vibrant EU conversation in every community and workplace in the UK, with the same kind of enthusiasm and lively discourse that emerged during the Scottish referendum. We don’t have to settle for a second-rate referendum debate.

“Within the next week we’ll be launching a new online tool, ‘Better Referendum’, to give people both sides of the argument, presented clearly and in one place. Better Referendum will allow people to organise events in their local areas, using the site to get the facts and the views on this crucial decision – without the personality politics.

“The public deserve better than the clamour and confusion of the conversation so far. Today’s Electoral Commission leaflet is a good start in addressing that – but let’s do far more to take the debate to every village, town and city of the country.”