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Pope Francis in US: lunchtime news round up



Earlier today we linked to Timeline’s long view on how Pope Francis’ radical moves are changing the Catholic Church’s message. This is the news round up from around the world’s media.

The Pope will be speaking to religious friends in his unprecedented speech to a joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives at the Capitol in Washington DC today. Reported religious affiliation shows that 28% of the Senate and 33% of the House of Representatives are Catholic compared to 21% of the population (Pew Research Centre). But will Senators and Congressmen agree with the Pope’s arguments on human-caused climate change?

The Guardian reported Pope Francis’ call for urgent action on climate change in his White House speech yesterday. USA Today reports how Congress is readying for the historic speech by Pope Francis with high security. The New Yorker focuses on Pope Francis and his little Fiat (fortunately not owned by the now disgraced VW). The New York Times explores how Pope Francis’ speech to Congress comes at time of political division. Fox News discussed how the media is painting Pope Francis as a problem for the GOP (Republicans). And the Washington Post is live blogging ‘Pope Francis in America’.

The visit was preceded by the launch of a “Dear US Catholics” video from climate vulnerable countries.