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The best Christmas card we received at Blue & Green Tomorrow this year



Quietroom’s Christmas card  the Santa Brand Book  is a tongue-in-cheek rebrand of the industry standard for child-centric gift distribution. You know… Santa.

Their site’s had over half a million unique visits, and Adweek described it as “one of the agency world’s best inside jokes”.

We asked Quietroom’s co-founder, Vincent Franklin, to tell us how the Santa Brand Book came about.

“From A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Blackadder, bringing together the dreamer and the cynic has been a comedy staple. So we began with the most loved childhood dream – Santa – and introduced him to the most cynical branding team we could imagine. People seem to be appalled and delighted by the result. 

It’s alarming how many people tell us the Santa Brand Book feels scarily familiar. It’s really struck a chord with anyone who’s come across corporate branding. Over the years we’ve worked with some great and some terrible brand books. The best are tools that help people write or speak to customers, the worst are hoops that people have to jump through. Our job is to take the abstract and aspirational and turn it into something people can use. 

The success of the Santa Brand Book is extraordinary. We’ve had journalists contacting us in the middle of the night, we’ve had offers of corporate drumming lessons, we’ve even had a marriage proposal.”

Click on the logo below to read the Santa Brand Book.

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