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Ethical retailer of the week: La Jewellery



La Jewellery is an ethical jewellery producer that takes inspiration from the charm of Wales to realise unique pieces that have little impact on the environment and are made with responsibly sourced silver.

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The company was founded by Lisa Anne, who lived in Wales for 15 years. Anne explains that her love for the place, its magic and history, inspired her creations.

The handcrafted pieces of jewellery – from bracelets, earring, necklaces and rings to cufflinks and bookmarks – are made of silver, which is ethically sourced from a trusted supplier.

As the company itself explains, “Our silver wire and sheet is obtained from a different source, a bullion dealer whose silver comes from all over the world. We are aware that this takes up air miles, but at present, it is the only source we know of for these types and forms of silver.

“To lessen the impact of this, we collect our scrap silver and send it to be recycled so that at least when it gets to us, the silver will be made use of in the most efficient way possible, with as little waste as we can possibly manage.”

La Jewellery is also determined to make its operation as green as possible. In addition to focusing on recycling, the company operates a strict ethical and environmental policy. This includes its use of a solar-powered studio and the keeping of a garden, growing fruit trees and shrubs, which is available to staff.

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