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Scandinavian countries for eco-friendly holidays Scandinavian countries for eco-friendly holidays


Why Travelers Flock To Scandinavian Countries For Eco-Friendly Holidays

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Eco-tourism is becoming a big business these days. According to Travel Agent Central, 87% of travelers want to travel sustainably. If you are planning a trip, it is a good idea to visit a place with an eco-friendly travel destination. One of the best places to visit is Scandinavia.

Why Scandinavian Countries Are Great for Sustainability and Entertainment

The Green Hub recently published an article overviewing the state of sustainability in the Scandinavian countries – Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Author Olivia Burton pointed out that sustainability is a core part of the mission of these countries.

Denmark’s policies on cars is a great example. The country has a 180% tax on cars, which is intended to discourage car ownership that hurts the environment.

How to Travel to Scandinavia as an Eco-Tourist

If you are planning a vacation in Scandinavia, some questions often come up when planning a trip to this beautiful and wealthy region.  Should I visit one Scandinavian country or combine a few of them?  Which Scandinavian capitals should you explore? Are all Scandinavian cities equally worth visiting?

These questions become even more complicated when you are traveling sustainably. But you have plenty of options.

All Scandinavian countries undoubtedly are home to some of Europe’s wildest sights – shimmering blue lakes, picturesque mountains, and snow-laden forests. This is due to their commitment to sustainable living. Scandinavian capitals – Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Reykjavik, are old historic cities but surprisingly cosmopolitan modern and stylish demonstrating green, egalitarian approach to life.

Best Eco-tourist Destinations to visit in Scandinavia

To get the most of your travel time, you should choose one of the Scandinavia Travel Packages offering the best places to visit depending on your interests and the level of adventure you seek. To answer the question of where to go in Scandinavia, you should consult the Scandinavia Travel Guide and answer yourself if you want to experience awe-inspiring natural wonders, explore local culture, architecture, modern way of life or a little of everything combined in a time- tested guided tour at Nordic Saga.

Some of the most spectacular scenery can be found in the Norwegian fjords, a true Scandinavian wilderness, with great hiking in Sweden’s National Parks, picturesque sandy beaches, white-washed churches and pretty fishing villages, Northern Europe’s largest castle ruins, dating from around 1300 in Denmark and active volcanos and geysers in Iceland.

How to choose Scandinavia travel packages

Traveling in Scandinavia on your own could be expensive. Choosing a guided   Scandinavian countries group tour is a cheaper option allowing a bit of luxury and relaxation for less. On Nordic Saga Scandinavia tours you can visit two or more of the Scandinavian countries in one trip choosing between a wide selection of guided and self-guided tours. Cheap Scandinavian tours is not a myth. Choosing wisely, you can have a fantastic and wallet-friendly holiday. A good example could be Scandinavia Northern Lights tours, introducing you to the stunning Aurora Borealis phenomenon during the less touristy and cheaper winter season.

Everything You Need to Know about Budget Travel

It is true that Scandinavian vocation can be expensive. It unavoidably depends on your lifestyle during your visit and interests how much the tour will cost. Scandinavia is costly if you’re not careful about how you spend your money. There are some things you should know to make sure Scandinavian prices don’t drain your wallet. Travel during the off-season. In late August and September and in winter Scandinavia Countries Tour Package could cost substantially less than during high season.

Book ahead and be flexible with flights.

Choose your tour package wisely. Know exactly what you want to see, to do and how much to spend. All Scandinavian countries are fantastic for traveling if you want to experience the unearthly natural beauty, stylish European lifestyle and meet friendly and welcoming people.

Scandinavia is the Perfect Place to Visit for Sustainable Living

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Scandinavia as an eco-tourist. You should know how to travel green and make the most of your trip.

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