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#GE2015: Vote for Policies ‘exit poll’



The BBC’s exit poll gives the election to a minority Conservative Party (316 MPs). Meanwhile, the Vote for Policies results are in. It’s a coalition between the policies of Labour (23.9%), Liberal Democrat (20.6%) and Greens (20.5%). In Scotland, Green policies (27%) come ahead of the SNP (24.8%).

The BBC exit poll gives the Conservatives 316 MPs, Labour’s 239, Lib Dems 10 MPs, the SNP 58, Plaid Cymru four, UKIP two and the Greens two.

We asked our readers, “Setting aside your own preference, who will form the next government?” Our online poll saw our readers predict a minority Labour government, another group of parties, followed by a majority Conservative one. You can download the people’s manifesto here based on Vote for Policies surveys.

  • Minority Labour (20%)
  • Other grouping (15%)
  • Majority Conservative (12%)
  • Minority Conservative (10%)
  • Labour/SNP (10%)
  • Conservative/UKIP (7%)
  • Conservative/Lib Dem (7%)
  • Majority Labour (7%)
  • Don’t know (7%)
  • Labour/Lib Dem (5%)

National survey (~909k votes)

Scottish poll (~40,000 votes)