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Minimum Wage Dodgers To Be Named And Shamed



Further enforcement resources will be needed as the number of workers on wage floor is set to treble

Commenting on the government’s publication ( of 200 employers who have been fined for not paying the National Minimum Wage, Conor D’Arcy, Policy Analyst at the Resolution Foundation, said:

“There is no excuse for any employer to dodge paying the minimum wage. The government is right to step up its naming and shaming of those who break the law.

“It’s particularly concerning to see so many firms among the usual suspects of hairdressing, nursery and elderly care who are illegally under-paying their staff.

“With the number of people on the wage floor set to treble over the next four years, the government will need to strengthen its resources for enforcing both the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage.”

Resolution Foundation analysis has shown that the number of employees earning the legal minimum is expected to increase from around one million today to three million in 2020, when the National Living Wage reaches its target rate of 60 per cent of median hourly earnings.


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