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Innovation Challenge Launched By EDF Energy



Awards aiming to get start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs on board with energy innovation.

EDF Energy has today launched the EDF Energy Pulse Awards, a competition to crowd source innovative ideas to address key challenges facing the energy industry. Start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs are being offered the chance to get expert support and advice and attract investment, to help turn ideas into reality.

Building on the success of the international EDF Pulse Awards launched in 2013, the EDF Energy Pulse Awards is on the lookout for ideas across four categories. They represent key strategic areas for EDF Energy, which is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity.

The categories include:

  • Blue Lab’s connected home and business challenge
  • Inspiring young people into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)
  • Data solutions for improving health and safety
  • Monitoring and inspection solutions for energy generation assets (in partnership with Innovate UK)


EDF Energy’s R&D UK Centre is engaged in projects across all types of energy including nuclear collaboration with Generation R&D, renewable technologies, including storage, energy management, energy efficiency, smart meters and digital innovation. In addition to the existing R&D UK Centre, EDF Energy recently launched its own innovation accelerator, Blue Lab, focusing on making customers’ lives easier through innovation. Ideas taken forward as a result of this challenge will complement work already being carried out by EDF Energy in these areas.

Entrants need to submit applications in the Autumn. Shortlisted entries will be brought together at a pitch day in November 2016 in front of judging panels made up of EDF Energy and EDF Group employees and external experts.

Xavier Mamo, Director of Research & Development at EDF Energy said:
“EDF Energy has a strong history of promoting innovation in our business and the industry.


The EDF Energy Pulse Awards will help us to collaborate with an even wider range of experts and get a fresh perspective on how to tackle a number of challenges facing our industry today.


“The innovative solutions chosen as part of this challenge will be developed alongside the existing work of our R&D teams and innovation accelerator Blue Lab, putting innovation firmly at the heart of our business.”

EDF Energy will look to fast track relevant EDF Energy Pulse Awards shortlisted entries to the international EDF Pulse Awards 2017.

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