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New Wind Turbine at Pollington Factory Announced by Ecotricity and H+H



Ecotricity, Britain’s leading green energy company, is installing a new wind turbine with H+H in Pollington, Yorkshire, this week. As part of this unique concept, Ecotricity will finance and build the wind turbine at the Pollington factory, while H+H will consume the energy on-site, significantly reducing its carbon emissions and sharing in the benefits of green energy.

Ecotricity pioneered this unique approach fifteen years ago, and its wind turbines currently power operations for Ford, Michelin, Sainsbury’s and B&Q

Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, said: “This is a 21st century approach to generating energy in Britain – it’s about working with our customers to make energy where they live and work.”

“Green energy puts power in the hands of the people – the technology allows us to democratise and decentralise energy in Britain.

“This type of partnership allows us to work together with our customers to make green energy where they need it and to share the benefits – the complete opposite of the traditional approach.

“Green energy is also a strong economic and an environmental choice – it’s about jobs and the new industrial revolution, about building a truly sustainable economy in Britain. H+H is a great example of a business putting itself at the heart of that.”

The 800kW single wind turbine will be 73 metres to its central hub and will produce almost two million units of electricity, saving over 700 tonnes of carbon dioxide and powering the equivalent of almost 500 homes.

Ed Surman, Production Director at H+H UK Ltd, said:  “We are excited by the prospect of generating electricity on site at Pollington to continue the reduction of carbon emissions from our business.

”The installation of this wind turbine, in partnership with Ecotricity, is an example of H+H’s commitment to deliver projects through its Energy Management and Environmental Management Systems which are recognised as compliant with the International Standards ISO 50001 and ISO 14001.”

Vital Statistics of the planned H+H wind turbine:

Number of turbines: 1

Rotor diameter: 53m

Hub height: 73m

Capacity: 0.8 MW

Green electricity per year: 1.81 million units

Equivalent homes powered: 440

Tonnes of CO₂ saved p.a.: 711


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