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NGOs: French state-owned companies need to phase out coal projects in Turkey



Turkey could become the new climate bomb in Europe, supported by French government-owned companies. NGOs from across Europe are asking France to end coal projects in Turkey.

France is pursuing double standards in its preparation to the Climate Summit of Paris in December. On the one hand the government increases climate finance and bans export credits for coal, on the other hand the (partly) state-owned companies Engie and EDF operate large coal activities – mainly outside Europe. Together these companies own 46 coal power plants globally.

Engie even wants to build more coal capacity, planning the Ada Yumurtalik plant in Turkey (1320 MW), plus building and extending plants in Mongolia, Brazil and Chile. Climate Action Network have published a briefing on these coal activities.

Today a range of NGOs, mainly from France and Turkey, sent a letter to French president Hollande, urging him to end Engie’s coal projects in Turkey ahead of the Paris Climate Summit.

Elif Gunduzyeli from Climate Action Network Europe adds: ‘Turkey is showing a complete lack in climate ambition and plans to build 75 new power plants. The country could become a real climate bomb. Taking French support for these plans off the table, will limit the chances that the country will lock itself into fossil fuel dependency for decades to come.’