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4 Ways Warehousing Is Going Green

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The future looks bright for warehousing. This is especially true when it comes to taking a green approach to procurement and manufacturing. Eco-friendly warehouses will bode a tremendous upside for the planet and for your pocket. If you are interested in these revolutionary changes, now has never been a better time to act.

Here is a list of five ways eco-friendly warehouses are revamping the industry on a daily basis:

1. Telematics Increase Fuel Cost Efficiencies:

We have sung the praises of telematic software. These platforms revolutionize the way companies reduce their overhead, eliminate earmarks, and drive profitability. They are also extremely eco-friendly. According to TotalTrax, one way that telematic software achieves this is through a proactive monitoring of fuel costs to allow businesses to slash fuel expenses. Less fuel means less of an impact on the carbon

2. Sustainability in Lighting

The eco-friendly warehouse is also quite sustainable in lighting. This is because modernized lighting focuses more on providing the customer with a true illumination option at a resourceful rate. This approach is also quite affable to the environment as it reduces usage and consumption rates.

3. Smartly Located Inventory

Sorting inventory in a smart manner is a green behavior. Aspiring to do this reduces fuel costs and pollutants which are tossed in the air. This is also yet another cost-effective behavior. Moreover, smartly located inventory is a proven way to bolster efficiency and productivity because it requires workers to do less. As a result, personnel will have more time to commit to other things which also means projects will be done faster. As a result, profitability will also skyrocket thanks to this ideology.

4. Energy Management Systems

The best way to lower consumption is to manage it. Energy management systems autonomously oversee all the utilities that one facility uses without much human intervention required. With the integration of timers, thermostats, and gauges for all forms of electricity, gas, heat, and water energy management systems derive the best practices to use what is needed without excessive waste. This is a fundamental component of eco-friendly systems, because it helps businesses lower usage of renewable resources whilst also placing more money back in their pockets. Less energy means less bills. Those funds can now be diverted and redirected into more prosperous endeavors because it has been freed up from overuse. Energy management systems are becoming commonplace across the material handling industry.

5. Electric Forklifts

Coinciding with the above bullet points, electric forklifts eliminate the need for gas and oil outright. Not only is this good for the environment but also safer for your employees. Personnel no longer need to expose themselves to dangerous chemicals such as battery acid, anti-freeze, or transaxle liquid. This can slash the level of incidents related to hazardous materials handling which also in turns drives up the bottom line. Electric forklifts are as their name entails, simply plug them in before and after operation.

With the advent of all of these green innovations from sustainable lighting to energy management systems, warehousing is fast becoming one of the most environmentally friendly industries out there – good for consumers and employees – and great for Planet Earth.


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