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Blue & Green Daily: Friday 20 June headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Education is the Seed for effective energy transformation

Future sustainability leaders: Adam Lewthwaite

Oakland votes to divest from ‘dirty energy economy’ based on fossil fuels

Growing ranks of high net-worths committed to social investment

 ’Unique and fragile’ Antarctic ecosystem threatened by surge in tourism


20 June headlines

Leaks from UK offshore oil industry rise by a fifth

Leaks and spills in Britain’s offshore oil and gas industry rose by almost a fifth last year, with 115 reported incidents of hydrocarbons escaping from oil rigs and pipeline. Data shows the number of releases occurring in Britain’s North Sea and Continental Shelf rose by 19%, reversing three years of decline following a commitment in 2010 to reduce leaks. Telegraph.

Rising German coal use imperils European emissions deal

The EU’s attempt to cap greenhouse gas emissions over the next 16 years is threatened again as rising pollution from the bloc’s biggest economies show even developed nations want to burn cheap coal. Germany boosted consumption of the fuel by 13% in the past four years, while use in Britain rose more than a fifth. Bloomberg.

Russia ‘secretly working with environmentalist to oppose fracking’

The head of one of the world’s leading groups of democratic nations has accused Russia of undermining projects using hydraulic fracturing technology in Europe. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, secretary general of Nato, has claimed the country has mounted a disinformation campaign to maintain reliance on Russian gas. Guardian.

Lloyds sells larger chunk of TSB

Lloyds Banking Group will sell a significantly bigger percentage of TSB than it intended, after strong demand for shares in the challenger bank. Up to 38.5% of TSB will be floated today at a price of 260p a share, valuing the business at £1.3 billion. The taxpayer-backed bank had originally intended to sell around 25% of the business. Telegraph.

England’s badger cull breaks wildlife rules, say campaigners

Badger culling is breaking international rules to protect wildlife because of the negative effects it could have on other species, campaigners have said. Wildlife charities have launched a challenge to the government’s policy of culling badgers in England to tackle tuberculosis in cattle, claiming officials failed to conduct sufficient risks assessments. Guardian.


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Photo: Sanja gjenero via Freeimages