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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 16 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Investing for the past or investing for the future?

The latest IPCC report: it’s time to ramp up mitigation efforts

Impact of urbanisation on built environment ‘staggering’, says report

Scientists told to ‘strike’ over lack of global action on climate change

Responsible investment a ‘clear trend’, says AXA Investment Management


16 April headlines

Fracking protestor chained to drill rig at Nottinghamshire site

An anti-fracking protestor has chained himself to a 15m drilling rig in Nottinghamshire. Owners Dart Energy said they had been exploring the site for coal-bed methane and has suspended work while the protestor was on the drill. BBC.

British Airways announces green fuel plant in Essex

A delayed project to supply British Airways with jet fuel from converted waste is a step closer after it was announced a location has been found for the GreenSky fuel plant, in Thurrock, Essex. The GreenSky project will see BA commit to buy at least 50,000 tonnes of jet fuel produced at the processing facility for at least 11 years. Guardian.

Amazon trees vulnerable to fire and climate combination

The combination of fire and extreme weather could accelerate tree morality in the Amazon, a study has suggested. Researchers said field experiments shows that serve droughts could trigger dieback of forest in the near-term. They added efforts to curb deforestation need to be accompanied by initiatives to stop land management fires spreading. BBC.

MPs warn of invasion by non-native plant and animal species

The government must introduce new legal powers to tackle plant and animal species that are invading Britain at a rate never seen before, a committee of MPs has warned. Species such as Japanese Knotweed and the North American signal crayfish not only have an impact on biodiversity but affect human health and the economy, according to a report. Guardian.

Barclays hires new bonuses boss ahead of next week’s AGM

Barclays has moved to deescalate investor anger ahead of next week’s annual meeting by announcing a new director to run the committee that sets pay and bonuses. The bank, which paid out £2.38 billion in bonuses, faces a potentially damaging shareholder revolt. Independent.


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