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#bluegreenmarbles Vote for Jeremy Leggett, Founder of SolarCentury and Author #sustainpersonoftheyear15



For sharing the process of writing his latest book, ‘The Winning of the Carbon War’ – and all the other things Jeremy does which are too long to list here.

Read more about the 2015 Sustainability Personality of the Year and Blue & Green Marbles here.

Dr Jeremy Leggett is a British green-energy entrepreneur, author and advocate who is founding director of Solarcentury (1997–present), the UK’s largest independent solar electric company; founder and Chairman of SolarAid (2006–present), a charity set up with 5% of Solarcentury’s annual profits; and Chairman of CarbonTracker, a financial-sector think-tank warning of carbon-fuel asset-stranding risk to the capital markets, colloquially known as the carbon bubble (2011–present).

He is the author of four books on energy, climate change, and oil depletion. Leggett advocates renewable energy and a rapid managed withdrawal from fossil fuels in the media and is a contributor to the Financial Times and the Guardian. Winner of numerous awards, he has been described in the Observer as “Britain’s most respected green energy boss.”

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