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Green Management Tips For Fleets of Eco-friendly Companies

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The logistics of running an eco-friendly business are tricky. You need to look at things from multiple fronts. On the one hand, you want to make sure that your business is as environmentally friendly as possible. On the other hand, you need to make sure that your green management tips contribute to your bottom line. Even major brands like EDF have talked about the benefits of environmentally friendly fleet management models.

Transportation is one of the areas that green companies need to focus on the most. There are a lot of factors that you need to account for. One of the factors that eco-friendly companies need to take into consideration is fleet management.

Fleet Management Concerns of Green Businesses

There are a variety of factors that green businesses need to assess when managing their fleets. They have to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of different third-party solutions, the environmental impact of various routes and the value of machine learning tools that can help reduce travel coverge to lower carbon emissions.

This is something that no green company can avoid. These days, almost every company owns a transport fleet consisting of various cars and vehicles that are used for performing the company‘s services, guaranteeing mobility and supporting staff members of the field services.  Therefore, most companies employ a mobility manager, whose job is to strategically plan and control the integrated mobility requirements of the company. They create a holistic framework to manage the vehicles of the fleet. An integral system involves getting the answers to the questions of cost effectiveness, sustainability, transparency and security.

In order for the company fleet to run at its best, fleet managers need to avoid an operational lifecycle that is too long, as well as minimizing empty runs of the vehicles.  With the help of a software application directly developed for fleet management, the manager can accumulate a lot of valuable data that is needed to optimize the driving routes. This technology can collect other data such as driving times, fuel consumption and tachograph data – to name only a few – which are relevant here – that also help to facilitate the all-day live in logistics companies and in improving the efficiency of the fleet. This is something that many eco-friendly businesses have started taking into consideration.

Telematics for optimal fleet management

Digital fleet management and the assistance of telematics offers an excellent opportunity to instantly and easily know where each vehicle is located at the moment by applying GPS.  Telematics stands for a combination of communications and information technology. The driver is reachable any time via an app installed on the mobile phone of the driver.

The FleetGo telematics system is generally made up of a stationary EDP-installation, a bidirectional communication on mobile devices and an on-board computer.  It fulfills several important tasks in the management of the company fleet and can be seen as a system in continuous development. Via the app, which is installed on a mobile device, the company can keep in contact with the driver, assess the driving style of the driver, the recording of driving-, rest and working times of the respective vehicle operator.  This also goes for the direct transmission of topical orders, documents and assistance for navigation.

Telemetrics is especially valuable for green companies. They can improve navigation to lower their carbon footprint as much as possible.

For the fleet manager, too, the use of a fleet management system based on telematics has ample advantages.  As he is responsible for all matters concerning the company fleet, he also needs to professionally manage the fleet, to optimize the working and distribution processes.  To do so, he needs to see to a smooth operation, the readiness for use of all vehicles and a streamlined vehicle occupancy.

What the features of telematics improve

Telematics for vehicles supports many features allowing for an efficient management of the fleet of a green company. It facilitates the development of process structures for green businesses, delivers highly reliable data and information. Moreover, the quality and in-time availability of information is enhanced, so that more precise data are available.

Telematics goes far beyond a simple data entry.  The intelligent joint and processing of these data creates transparent processes and gives an overview over all relevant operations.  The collected data are interpreted in a sophisticated manner and detail.  Thus, the company receives data which might not be available without using telematics.  Moreover, processes can be automated which would – without telematics – take up much time and represent high costs.

Telemetrics is Invaluable for Fleets of Green Businesses

Green businesses are constantly looking for new ways to lower the carbon footprint of their supply-chain model. In the end, it could be concluded that the use of telematics for the management of fleets of green businesses streamlines the organizational processes, which saves time, money and the environment.


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