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TED talks: how architectural innovations migrate across borders – Teddy Cruz



We need to rethink urban development and turn “urbanisations of consumption” into to “neighbourhoods of production”, argues architect and activist Teddy Cruz in this week’s featured TED talk.

Born in Guatemala, Cruz received the Rome prize in architecture in 1991, and in 2005 was the first recipient of the James Stirling Memorial Lecture On The City prize.

In an eye-opening talk, he shares lessons from the slums of Tijuana, in an effort to encourage different ways of thinking on urban development. He says wealthy neighbourhoods can learn much from their impoverished counterparts.

He adds that the future of cities depends less on buildings, and instead more on the“fundamental reorganisation of socio-economic relations”. It is in this transformation that he finds hope today.

To watch this video on the TED website, click here.