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Simple Tips To Create Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations With Photos

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Green weddings are becoming far more common these days. This is an encouraging trend, as a growing number of couples want to do their part to save the planet.

How many couples are making sustainability a core part of their wedding ceremonies? One report by Bridal Guide showed that 70% of couples are incorporating green elements into them.

But how do you go about making a green wedding? There are a lot of things that you need to do. One is to make sure that your invitations are green.

Making Wedding Invitations that Are Both Stylish and Eco-Friendly in a new tab)

Couples preparing and planning for a wedding want to get the most for their money and look for ways to reduce the stress and hassles of planning. The very first contact a couple makes with their guests is their wedding invitation. Typically, a couple wants their invitation to impress the recipients with the exciting news and represent the theme of their wedding. They also want to make sure that the design is eco-friendly, which usually means it uses little paper and the paper is at least recycled. Mixbook offers appealing designs, an easy ordering process, and great customer service. This is a great company to work with if you are concerned about sustainability.

Eco-friendly customers choose wedding invitations on Mixbook’s website and open up a page with all they need in one place. A menu allows an initial search based on size, format, shape, colors, and embellishments. As the options are chosen, predesigned samples appear, offering simple ideas to choose from. These eco-friendly wedding invitations can be personalized with the couple’s information and will have a few choices to change some options. If the couple decides they want to start from scratch, they can choose a blank card and create a custom design that represents their wedding theme.

Everyone Loves a Personalized Wedding Invitation

A customer goes through the options to build their card once they opt to design their wedding invitation with photos from scratch. Choices include size, shape, edges/cut, colors, photo, graphics, and embellishments like foil accents. Anything from a formal wedding to an ultramodern celebration is possible with special card cuts and designs. Even a ticket shape is available for a lighthearted and entertaining invitation.

Mixbook has products to go along with the wedding invitations like save-the-date magnets, invitations for the rehearsal dinner, bachelor and bachelorette party, and bridal shower. The wedding invitations with photos can include response cards, reception cards, and directions cards, all matching in design. They can easily have sustainable elements, especially if they are printed on recycled stationary. It’s convenient to include everything in the invitation and makes a great impression on the recipients.

Mixbook offers a Clean, Easy to Follow Website

Mixbook incorporates help pages like a “How To’s” page and a “Get Inspired” page for ideas and guidance. Customers can choose to “chat” with a representative, or they can call and speak with knowledgeable and friendly staff members. These experts can help you choose the eco-friendliest design available. They can be at their computer during the phone call, navigating the design elements on the screen, and finding the options they need. Offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on their products encourages customers to design important wedding invitations knowing they can return them for a refund or credit towards a future or duplicate purchase.

Mixbook Provides Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations From the Heart

Are you planning an eco-friendly wedding? You can’t go wrong with Mixbook. Most couples getting married and sending out wedding invitations want a wow factor for the recipients. Designing their invitations, including personally chosen photos, and being able to relax in their home while putting all the options together, creates a worry-free process. This part of wedding planning can be fun, creative, and rewarding and allow the happy couple a chance to share their heart’s desire for their wedding.

Mixbook has a great system of creating a variety of photo products including wedding invitations with photos and the additional products to go with them. Customers have confidence that their order matters and customer service representatives are available to help. Mixbook has call center hours Monday through Friday and hours on Saturdays and Sundays to accommodate couples with tight deadlines. Customers love to send personalized wedding invitations, designed with Mixbook, to their family and friends.