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Ecotourism In Jordan: How To Enjoy And Celebrate Green Travel

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Its sprawling desert, rich culture, and ancient history are some of the things Jordan is known for and why it attracts so many tourists on a yearly basis. Deciding to explore this country will not be something you regret, considering how many wonderful things there are to see and do there. However, if you have become an environmentally conscious traveler, you probably want for your entire trip to maintain green characteristics. The network of nature reserves as claimed by Royal Society for the Conservation of Thanks to nature, ecotourism is a growing industry in Jordan. If you are preparing for a vacation there, here are the things you should know about.

Book your holiday packages in advance

Whether you are thinking about taking a tour of the road to Petra, see the panoramic view of Dana, which will most certainly leave you breathless, or visit the Roman Jerash, in order to maintain your Jordan vacations eco-friendly, you should be organized and book private tours. Organized tours give you the possibility to see the best of Jordan, while not making any mistakes in your green travel practices. Because you are guided from start to finish, you will be well aware of the things you should and shouldn’t do in order to support preservation.

Book eco-friendly accommodation

That’s right, while in Jordan, you have the amazing opportunity of staying at one of the green accommodations available there. Because you are intending to enjoy a completely green Jordan holiday, making sure the accommodation you pick benefits from these characteristics is an essential aspect to focus on. Luckily, you have plenty of great options, which will provide you with the level of comfort you desire. The eco-lodge of Feynan is a powerful example here – being an accommodation type that uses solar panels to generate electricity and hot water. Other great choices would also be Dana Guest House, Rummana Camp, and a once military hospital Al Azraq Lodge.

Experience Nature and Eco in Jordan – things to do

Conservation of a country’s natural resources is one of locals’ main priorities, and one of the reasons why you should be choosing this destination in the first place, if you consider yourself an eco-friendly traveler. Here you will find an impressive network of nature reserves – wildlife and scenic surroundings are protected through governmental law. Once you do a bit more research on the topic, you will discover just how many amazing things you can do during your stay, and how many lovely places you will have the chance to get a glimpse of. Because you should have a list of top things to do, just so you don’t miss out on anything, here are the areas that should catch your attention first:

  • Jerash – an incredibly well-preserved Roman sites, where you will see remains of ancient theatres, temples and fountains.
  • Wadi Mujib – a large canyon that hosts a great variety of plants, animals and birds
  • Ajloun Forest Reserve – a hilly and green landscape
  • Dana Biosphere Reserve – biodiversity at its finest
  • Petra
  • Wadi Rum

Culture and food

Besides the country’s efforts to constantly promote the sustainable usage of natural resources, there is so much more about the Jordan culture that will appeal to you and will make your entire travel experience in this location a memorable one. You will encounter there many influences, and you’ll get the opportunity of engaging in interesting cultural activities. If you’re visiting during the summer, you can take part in the Jerash Festival of Culture & Arts hosted yearly that encompasses a wide variety of different performances. As far as food goes, it seems like locals focus more on home cooked meals and hospitality, so street food vendors are the recommended option here if you want to experience tasty local cuisine dishes.


Eco-friendly tourism has become a growing trend in recent years, with more travel enthusiast acknowledging their part in the fight against pollution. Environment preservation has become a global priority and it’s impressive to see just how many people are actually on board and trying to do their best on the matter. If you are excited to explore everything this lovely Arab country has to offer, but you want to maintain your travel approach a green one, knowing the information mentioned here can be useful. These suggestions will allow you to enjoy an environmentally friendly trip, as you have set your mind to.