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Here’s How To Make Your Data Center More Energy-Efficient

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Companies strive to make their data centers more energy efficient. Businesses that are more energy efficient save more money. As a result, they can take on more projects, which lead to more profit and growth opportunities. As a business owner yourself, you want to maintain a positive cashflow. Thus, you could benefit from energy saving strategies for data centers. Luckily, implementing these energy efficient strategies do not cost much. Read on to discover how to make your data center more energy efficient.

Control Temperatures

You can create a more energy efficient data center by learning to control temperatures. High temperatures and humidity can harm the equipment in your data center. Meanwhile, winter could lead to unsafe temperatures. In the event that your appliances are damaged, you will have to purchase new ones. You could put a huge hole in your pocket depending on how costly the tarnished equipment is to replace. To refrain from such an occurrence happening, monitor your temperature and humidity. Consider installing economizers. Economizers manage temperatures through outside weather. As a result, they do less mechanical cooling, which saves you money. Control temperatures to make your data center more energy efficient.

Use Server Virtualization

Another way to make your data center more energy efficient is through server virtualization. This is one of the most cost-efficient methods to offer VPS hosting to clients and companies. With server virtualization and consolidation, you can combine the less frequently used servers. In doing so, you decrease the amount of power used in your data center. You also lessen the electricity used and cost paid. You can further benefit from server virtualization with a storage infrastructure. Then, you receive more energy efficient storage as well. Your less frequently used storage systems also combine into one system. Server virtualization creates more energy efficient data centers for businesses like yours.

Implement Liquid Cooling

Companies are using liquid cooling to build high-tech, energy efficient data centers. While air is a popular medium for cooling, it does not conduct heat as well as water does. Therefore, using water as a way of cooling can save you energy and energy-related costs. This type of server infrastructure has several reasons for data center efficiency. Liquid cooling systems also fail fewer times than air cooling systems. This increases your server availability while reducing the need for routine maintenance. With this in mind, consider the amount of money you can save on repairs and support costs. Make the transfer from air to water cooling in order to create an energy efficient data center with lower operating costs.

Purchase Solid State Disks

Additionally, replace your hard drives with solid state disks to make your data center more energy efficient. It is no secret that solid state disks are more expensive than hard drives. However, they require less power to operate. They are also much more stable than traditional hard drives. Furthermore, they do not generate as much heat as hard drives. Although their initial cost may be higher, they can save you money and energy in the long run. Solid state disks, also referred to as SSD’s, offer better performance as well. Switch to solid state disks to develop a more energy efficient work environment.

Correlate Emergency Procedures

Finally, correlate IT and facility emergency procedures in order to build an energy efficient data center for your business. Application outages can occur for numerous reasons. Often times, they are unavoidable. Unfortunately, fixing outages requires a lot of energy if procedures are not correlated. When IT and facility emergency procedures are correlated, systems are impacted much less as well. On top of that, there are several ways that renewable energy can help in an emergency. This will improve your reliability and uptime while saving costs too. Correlate your IT and facility emergency procedures for an energy efficient data center.

Final Thoughts

Data centers can be made more energy efficient through multiple strategies. First off, manage temperatures in order to prevent equipment damages. Consider using server virtualization to limit the amount of systems running at once. Use liquid cooling instead of air cooling to optimize your energy usage. Switch to solid state disks if you are currently using hard drives. Lastly, correlate your emergency procedures to prepare for outages. All of these steps will make your data center more energy efficient. Additionally, you could save some costs while having a more sustainable impact on the environment. This creates a win-win between your business data center and the global environment.

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