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How Does A College Green Week Impact The Environment?

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Going green is a full-time initiative. It is not a one-week journey, it’s a healthy decision that lasts for a lifetime. However, college green weeks are usually a start to great awareness and drawing attention to the importance of taking care of our environment and planet in general.

Although it may be done as a celebration, it is more than that. Green weeks are done to draw the campus community attention to the challenges of natural resource reduction, climate change, energy consumption, and other environmental catastrophes.

We can say that the college and university environment is relatively shielded from the outside world. Most times, they have become grounds for research, study, new ideas and ideals for living in order to build a better and lasting environmental future. So many universities around the world are going or have gone green.

The term going green is all about sustainability practices. This is a very wide and diverse topic that is concerned about the very quality of life of human beings. The busy schedule on campus makes it very hard to live in a way that is eco-friendly. But the college green week is a way to sensitize the campus community and remind them of the importance of taking care of the environment

There are some activities and lifestyle modifications that leave a lasting effect on the environment and people. Here are some programs organized that affect the environment.

Programs Include:

  1. Conferences and workshops
  2. Community projects
  3. Cool T-shirts, rallies, and campaigns
  4. Blogs and E-Newsletters
  5. Green Initiative Club amongst others

How green weeks impact the environment:

Making Use of Reusable Bags

The go green initiative increases awareness on the use of reusable bags for grocery shopping instead of plastic or paper bags. These bags go on to become a whole of garbage later on. With this, there can be a great reduction in waste in society.

Planting Trees and Flowers

One of the most common activities of green weeks is planting flowers or trees which are really beneficial to the earth. We need the earth to survive, and the earth needs trees to survive and so the cycle. The trees are not just important for beautification, but it also helps to breed clean and healthy air. Also, as our parents told us when we were little, the veggies are good  for the body

Writing Notes electronically

Less paper means less waste. With the encouragement of taking notes on laptops, tablets, etc. there is a decrease in the amount of paper, flashcards and the likes used. College Papers are turned in using emails and studying is more digitally inclined and of course, it is less expensive.

Reusing Old Water Bottles

We get thirsty all the time, especially during summer but we show our love for the earth better by using refill water bottles instead of disposable bottles, littering the whole environment. As a student, this is not just friendly for the environment but for my pockets too. I could spend that extra cash getting a Coursework writing company to do my coursework for me which also saves me a lot of stress and time.

Cleaning Up and Recycling

During green weeks, green themed events are held that focus on cleaning up the environment is the university or a nearby community and initiating or creating a strong mechanism for recycling. A Clean environment is a healthy environment. Not just for studying, but for a living.

Managing Power and Electronics

Leaving home without turning off appliances is not safe or secure. In order to save energy and protect the environment in general, one of the things that come with the green campus initiatives is advocating for better management of power and electronics.

Avoid exhaust or engines and walk or bike more

One of the things that show as college students that we care for the environment is Walking more or riding a bike. Using cars with heavy engines that destroy the environment or atmosphere is anti-green.  Walking or biking is actually a form of exercise which is good for the body especially when you are young. And Yes, you save a lot of gas money too

Use Energy saving appliances

Energy saving appliances as the name imply are appliances that help conserve energy for example. energy saving bulbs. These energy efficient light bulbs are not as cheap, however, in the long run, they help the environment and reduce the production of waste.

Check Water Usage

Water is very important, it constitutes a greater of the earth mass, and so it must be managed properly. The week brings awareness to the importance of conserving and managing water usage. You would be surprised how important using less water to take showers are.

Eat Healthier

One of the concepts that the week advocates are eating healthier. They advocate for consumption of sustainable seafood and less consumption of meat. It is advisable that as students that you eat more free range and organic.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are Environmentally Friendly Brands that make products that are useful and safe for the environments. By Virtue of such Weeks in Collaboration with these universities or colleges, these brands get to promote their products and students are advised to go for such products.