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hyundai i30 is good environmental option hyundai i30 is good environmental option


Is the Hyundai i30 A Valuable Investment?

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Are you looking to purchase an eco-friendly vehicle? Hyundai has some great green vehicles worth looking into.

The Hyundai i30 is an example of a great vehicle that is known for its lower carbon footprint. If you are interested in being a green consumer, then you might want to give it a try. In addition to being eco-friendlier than many other options, there are a number of reasons the Hyundai i30 is worth buying.

The Hyundai i30 is a Great Option for Eco-Friendly Drivers

We talked in the past about the benefits of electric cars. However, there are other types of eco-friendly vehicles worth looking into as well.

Buying a car is not an easy job. In fact, it’s one of the most nerve-wracking complexities you could ever think of. Investing your money in a car needs extensive research. On top of having to deal with concerns about cost and function, you have to worry about the environmental impact.

Moreover, all of a sudden, your mind would start to ask a million questions; does the car match your lifestyle? Will it offer the durability and comfortability you’re looking for? Is it eco-friendly enough?

The chances are that you may also have a long list of potential cars you’ve had your eyes on for a while. Do they fall within your budget? Is the Hyundai i30 one of them? Hyundai is one of the most trustworthy automobile brands that assures lasting results. The brand is also known for its focus on sustainability. Though, admittedly, it is quite a challenge to make your final selection for car shopping.

If you’re confused about whether the Hyundai i30 is your dream car or not, you’ve made your way to the perfect spot. This quick guide is the ideal help you need to help you along your decision-making journey.

6 Notable Features Of Hyundai i30 

Take your pens and notebooks out and get ready to make valuable pointers. Here are X compelling reasons to buy a Hyundai i30.

1.      Affordability

Before buying any car, you need to write your budget upfront. What’s the point of spending time to know the specs of any car if you can’t afford it and hence, don’t have any chance of buying it? With the economies recovering from the pandemic and rising inflation, it’s evident that you may have a tight budget for your dream car. But who says that you can’t buy a luxurious car even on a tight budget?

The Hyundai i30 is one of the most affordable high-end cars in Australia. Compared to the facilities, features, and lifestyle uplift the car guarantees, you spend a decent amount buying the car.

2.      Safety

The safety rating is one vital factor you must determine as you set out to buy a car. It becomes even more of a priority if you’re looking for a hatchback for your family. With toddlers or growing kids sitting in the back, you want a car that is as safe as possible. The five-on-five safety ANCAP rating is a massive reason why Hyundai i30 offers a competitive edge compared to its alternatives.

The i30 ensures protected drives because of the security features it contains. The car has an advanced safety system with Lane Keeping Assist, Driver Attention Alert, and Front Collision Warnings. People don’t value the Lane Keeping Assist but trust us, it can work wonders to prevent car accidents and personal injuries.

The high Beam Assist enables you to drive with complete focus on the road and not worry about changing your headlight setting. Hyundai’s remarkable sensors manage the headlights from low to high beams when they sense vehicles or pedestrians in front of you.

3.      Drive

The mere thought of an uncomfortable ride because of the hard seating sounds like a nightmare. But if you buy a Hyundai i30, at least you can rest assured about the ride. The i30 offers a smooth drive, regardless of how short or long the ride is. Did you know that the car is even an excellent choice for your upcoming road trip? The hatchback offers a roomy interior to settle your growing family and your cargo.

A height of 6 feet and more can be a blessing as well as a pain- especially when it comes to accommodating your tall legs in a car. Hyundai i30 ensures that you drive to your work or run errands without worrying about the leg space.

In addition, the suspension and brakes also assist you in driving the i30 on the highways. The smooth sail of the Hyundai i30 is a fundamental reason, enough to persuade people who love road trips or commute through the highways regularly.

4.      Size

If you love hatchbacks but want a compact model to help you park, the i30 is perfect for you! The ultra-luxurious and spacious Hyundai i30 has an adequate size to help you manoeuvre it through the busy Australian streets. The car isn’t too small or big- the right balance between luxury and convenience.

Plus, everyone knows how frustrating it is to find a spot in the inner city but see that it wouldn’t fit your car. If you buy i30, you now have higher chances of finding parking spots for your vehicle because this hatchback fits easily!

Even if you manage to locate a tight space, the rear parking sensors and the reversing camera can guide you to park without much difficulty.

5.      Rear Space

High-end or compact cars- if they don’t have enough rear space, they aren’t optimal investments. Now, if you’re looking for a hatchback for your family or because you need to accommodate a lot of cargo, here’s a piece of exciting news for you! If you buy Hyundai i30, you can take advantage of the extra rear space of the car.

You can keep the grocery, luggage, extra toys, and strollers of your child, your bicycle, or scooters for the trip. That’s a lot of opportunities, aren’t they? Driving to your destination with the people at the back complaining about the rear passenger seats can be annoying. Offer the back-benchers a smooth experience and drive around without the constant nagging because the i30 has your back!

6.      Mileage

The unstoppable fuel prices are looming thoughts that can cause anxiety. That’s why fuel-saving cars are always better to buy. Hyundai i30 takes around 6.8 to 8.5 litres to cover 100 km- a decent mileage that can reduce your fuel costs.

The fuel-efficient i30 also has a lower carbon dioxide emission than most cars you can see on the Australian road. So, if you want to optimize your petrol bills and contribute less to air pollution, the Hyundai i30 can help you achieve them both.

This makes it a great option if you are really worried about sustainability. You will have a better idea why this vehicle is fuel efficient if you learn about the factors that make cars eco-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these six factors helped you assess that the Hyundai i30 can be the perfect car you’ve been saving up for. The car is practical, valuable, safe, and economical. These qualities are the top ones you’d want in any vehicle you own and drive.

Cruise down the lanes and have fun as you indulge in the sensational experience of driving the i30. Contact your local dealer and see what colour of Hyundai i30 catches your eye. You can even go for a test drive before writing off the cheque.

We wish you a happy drive.


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