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Cold Homes Kill – Activists and Protesters Convene At Westminster



In addition to the release of the Autumn statement today, the number of people who died last winter due to the inability to afford heating will be released – a tragedy that occurs year after year.

FPA will be joining the National Pensioners Convention to mark last year’s winter deaths with black balloons at 12.0 in College Green, and will then join and speak at the launch of Axe the Housing Act’s own Autumn Statement in Old Palace Yard from noon.

The government yesterday dropped one important clause from the Housing Act: “Pay to Stay”. Ruth London from FPA will say, “It must now drop the forced sale of Housing Association stock, which will push even more people into cold damp homes where they have no recourse against exploitative private landlords, and must ensure security of tenure in both private and social housing. No-fault and retaliatory evictions mean many tenants are afraid to raise issues of heating, hot water, draughts, bad insulation, and energy-guzzling equipment.“

On Thursday 24 November, these points will be pressed home with an early morning “Duvet Die –In” from 8.30 a.m. at the offices of EDF, 80 Victoria St, where climate campaigners will join with campaigners against fuel poverty to insist that energy can be sustainable and affordable, and no one should be dying from fuel poverty.




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